Kids Parties

Slushkin! The Margarita Man’s Frozen Drink Machines are perfect for any kid’s party!


All of our Gourmet Flavors come kid friendly and taste amazing!! Don’t waste your time with a messy Snow Cone Machine, just pour the mix into our machine and let the kids serve themselves!!

Events we are invited to on a regular basis for kid’s are: bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, school fundraisers, church fundraisers, high school after proms and many more! If there is a party, the Margarita Man can be there!

Healthee Slushee mix



Maraca Bottle

Freeze-dried is a process where frozen raw materials are placed in a refrigerated vacuum system and, without thawing, are dehydrated—the ice in the product is sublimated into water vapor. During the freeze-dried process, cell structure remains intact. The freeze-dried product also retains the color, shape, flavor and nutritional value of the original raw material better than other drying methods.

So enjoy exceptional taste created by Mother Nature. Healthee Slushee mix comes in a pouch that makes about 320 ounces or about 2.5 gallons. To make frozen drinks in a beverage freezer or granita machine, just add 2.5 gallons of water per pouch, stir and pour into the machine.